Georgie Loons
Premier Balloon Twister and Decorator in Sydney

Balloon Twisting

Making your party pop!


Prior to booking, it is best to keep in mind the amount of children or guests at your event. These premier balloons can be made at approximately 14-16 balloons per hour, and we recommend to book a time that will suitably provide a balloon for every child attending.

1 hour (approx 15 sculptures) = $200
Every half hour after = $80

How to book

To book your event, please enquire about the time and date using our enquiry form.

Balloon twisting

Welcome to a world of balloon creations that you have never seen before! Not just your regular sword-and-dog twister, Georgie can really help brighten up the party. She is great with the kids, and really loves giving them their own special creature or creation to call their own.

Children especially adore Georgie when she rocks up in her rainbow costume and matching personality! However, more often than not the grown-ups want to get in on the action too! Coming in a variety of colours, Georgie would be more than happy to help entertain at your next birthday, christening, lunch, or any function!

Making your party pop

These balloons will have people talking. As one of Sydney's most premier balloon artists, Georgie will be able to take requests, and create things people have never seen before made out of balloons. The party guests will then be able to wear the balloons, as each creation can come as a headband, slapband, clip or backpack. Enjoy the smiles and colour!