Georgie Loons
Premier Balloon Twister and Decorator in Sydney


Balloons and the Environment


Responsible Practices

Georgie promotes responsible practices in all her balloon follies. During balloon twisting events she ensures that all scraps are picked up and either used in future sculptures to ensure maximum use of the product, or disposed of correctly. She practices the motto “PIN IT, AND BIN IT”. All large scale works are always tethered down to weights if they are in outside conditions so the balloons can’t escape! George doesn’t use helium balloons or condone the release of balloons.

Latex Balloons

Georgie only uses latex balloons from the Qualatex brand. This latex is made from a Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable sources. Latex is a natural product! It’s made from the tree sap from the rubber tree. It isn’t a plastic, which means it does biodegrade over time. Generally, depending on the circumstances the balloons are placed in, they take between 1-4 years to fully degrade, meaning they still have to be disposed of responsibly.

PEBA and the ongoing commitment

PEBA is the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance! They are a environmental group that push for the proper usage of balloons. Our current aim is to ban intentional balloon releases Australia wide! For more information on what PEBA stands for, or resources about balloons and the environment, check out the website here:

Got any questions?

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